Dell's IvyCutter 1.0.0

Cuts Ivy for woodcutting xp!

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  2. Congratulations on your first released script bot Dell. :)
  3. Details?

    Taverly? G.E?
  4. Should work anywhere.
    Thanks :D
  5. Hey man gratz on the bot release. Proud of you :)
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  6. Gz on release!!
  7. FYI may want to add that to original thread.
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  8. Thanks :)
    Will do that now.
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  9. Works very well.

    Thank you :)

    If only there was a proggy I could report...
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  10. Glad you like it
  11. Congrats on the release! always thought you were a nice guy, cool to see you picking up scripting.
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  12. Thank you for those kind words :). I can say the same for you
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    UPDATE: Added paint. Should work
  13. Maybe add the ivy in Prifddinas?
  14. What's the difference between normal ivy and ivy over there? I don't have prif unlocked so you need to tell me :/
  15. not much, just that i can do it there :p i can give you the object id's if you want :)
  16. It should be able to work any where. Did you try it there?
  17. yes, it stands there and does nothing :p
  18. That's strange, I have no idea why that happens. For now you will have to cut somewhere else
  19. Does it pick birds nests? And how about the mysterious craters that sometimes spawn around it?
    I would gladly pay for a supported version.

    BTW: The xp/h doesn't work. Just says 0.
  20. No it does not support those things. I have no idea why it says 0.

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