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  1. Delta Divination
    This script bot currently works flawlessly

    Stand next to the energy rift start the script bot and enter the name of the wisp u want to harvest, then the interaction with the energy rift.

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  2. Could you possibly add an option for converting both energy and memories to xp at once? I think its slightly better xp than just converting memories to experience and is possible to do by clicking on the rift and then clicking convert energy and memories to xp on the interface.

    Edit: Also found a bug, it just spam clicks enriched wisps if it sees one
  3. From my experience there are also keyboard shortcuts (I believe 1, 2, and 3) at the conversion interface that allow you to shave off a couple milliseconds too.
  4. What do u mean with the converting both energy and memories? I do not know alot about Divination.
    The but is now fixed and I will push the update as soon as possible.
    EDIT: updated

    I am right clicking on the energy rift to get all the options in the menu rather than opening up that seperate interface.
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  5. When you harvest wisps you are given 2 items, the stack-able energy and non stack-able memories. Unfortunately it seems like there is no right click option to convert both energy and memories at the same time for extra xp, the only way to get it is through the left click interface. This way, you will level up quicker because you use the energy. Energy is used for creating divine locations which allow you to summon stuff like ore and mine it once daily, its not needed when training because all you go for is usually xp.


    Eventually a GUI would be awesome to choose between converting memories to energy (making nearly 800k gp/h at 75 div at vibrant wisps!) or memories to xp (a balance) or converting both to xp (fastest xp).
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  6. A few suggestions to make the experience better:
    • Collect chronicle fragments (an orange ball that flies out of a spring), you can hold a max of 30 at once but occurrence rates decline past 10, so just have it destroy them once it reaches 10, as they give quite a bit of hunter XP.
    • You can keep siphoning from an enriched wisp even if your inventory is full as it will replace the standard wisps with enriched ones until your inventory is full of enriched wisps.
  7. @red - it still seems to be using the minimap to go to wisps even if there are like 10 of them on screen. Can you only make it traverse if they are not on screen?
  8. Set to collecting energy @ 99:
    ss (2014-10-11 at 09.51.23).png

    ss (2014-10-11 at 09.51.32).png
    75680 * 84 = 6357120 gp
  9. So, 1m bond = 1 month subscription? I heard you get 50m at the end of 99 lol
  10. No, 1 bond is 14 days of membership. Two bonds is roughly a month membership (a little less)
  11. The script bot just stops soon as I start it.
  12. Can you post the error? I am trying now to see if I can reproduce.
    EDIT: I cannot reproduce
  13. Is it possible to go 1-99 with a level 3 account with no stats at all ?
  14. I assume so yes, but some locations wont be available for you.
  15. Like what

  16. JFGI.
  17. Could be an InstatiationException relating to Areas. Just re-push and it will either fix it or show you what the issue is.
  18. 1-10 Pale Energy
    Location: Southeast of Draynor Village. This is also where you would turn in Chronicle Fragments if you have not completed the World Wakes.

    10-20 Flickering Energy
    Location: South of Falador

    20-30 Bright Energy
    Location: Southwest of Dig Site

    30-40 Glowing Energy
    Location:Seers village

    40-50 Sparkling Energy
    Location:South of Relleka Loadstone

    50-60 Gleaming Energy
    Location:Karamja loadstone then head southeast

    60-70 Vibrant Energy
    Location:mobilizing Armies entrance, just use dueling ring to get here.
    30-42k HR

    70-80 Lustrous Energy
    Location: Northwest of Canifis Loadstone. Also next to slayer tower.
    XP 40-45k HR
    Optional 75-80 Elder Energies after completing Fate of the Gods quest

    80-85 Brilliant Energy
    Location:East of Mage Training Arena, just tele to the dueling arena and run northeast. You'll see it on the river.
    XP 50-55k an hour

    85-90 Radiant Energy
    Location: Dagontooth Island. Make sure you have a ghostspeak amulet. Fastest way to get here would be to use ectophial to port phatsmays and then take the boat.
    XP 55-60k hr; The wisps are really close to the rift here.

    90-95 Luminous Energy
    Location: Desert near Sophanem; not recommended unless you have access to tome of frost, regen bracelet, enchanted tiara, surge etc. and don't mind far spread out wisps.Highly recommend doing in world 2 or with multiple people at the location. This gets you closer and longer lasting wisps.
    XP 60-65k HR

    95-99 Incandescent Energy
    Location: East of castle wars, just tele there and run along.

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