RS3 deltafletcher proggy

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Qbo, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. 6 hour long prog, I usually bot non stop, had an 9 hour one the other day but didn't screen shot it.


    getting closer and closer to 99 :p
  2. Do you actually make money from fletching? I have 300k in bank and i might invest in some skill that can get me money while botting lol. Thing is all i have is 40 att 50 str and 43 wcing.
  3. I bought 115k logs for like 500k and i have almost 60k cut already and last time i price checked them it was around 3m
  4. I dont have all that money to spend :D
  5. I did the math im going to make around 13m on 99 fletching
  6. 99 Fletching makes a fair amount of starting money.
  7. That's nice i guess..
  8. It is
  9. @EvilCabbage Maple longbows are the only profitable and still decent exp.
  10. I know.
    For both Fletching and Firemaking I would just do maples to 99.
  11. That's what you can expect when you make awesome scripts bots ;)
  12. Getting close to 99 :p about 700k xp away from it.
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  13. Early congratulations :)
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  14. Congratulations man! :D
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  15. UPDATE: Got 99 today :p Heres the screen shot

  16. Congratz man! Howmuch profit did you make?
  17. around 20m :p
  18. Nice!

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