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  1. depositAllExcept(String itemName) - depositAllExcept(Int id)
    Helpful when depositing things such as ores and still want to keep pickaxe in your inventory, same goes for axe, lobster pots and many other situations

    depositAll(String itemName) - depositAll(Int Id)
    Addition to the current deposit which has itemName & amount as parameters, have deposit all which takes the itemName and selects 'Deposit All' in the menu

    Please post your own suggestions and recommendations
  2. Why not...
    You could make your own tho
  3. Yea theoretically you could make all your own methods but it's better to suggest it and gets implemented into the actual API itself :)
  4. The deposit method of the api will automatically deposit all if you pass 0 as the amount.
  5. And regarding depositAllExcept, sure :)
  6. Oh okay, didn't know that :)
  7. It's my fault, I forgot to document that class :)
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  8. Solid idea. We'll implement it ASAP.
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  9. Awesome, thanks!

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