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  1. There doesn't seem to be much demand on my other site for this script bot since there were already 3-4 AIO choppers, so I'm going to be converting and finishing development on RM.

    I don't know how the premium system will work here, but I'm thinking it's going to be around $7.50. No matter the price though, there will be a free version that accompanies this.

    Once the client is out I'll actively start the deving and keep this post updated. For now just look at my feature list and tell me if there is anything else you want to see.

    Release Plan:
    Phase β1:
    0. Convert to RM API.
    1. Full Barbarian Assault Support
    2. Web content loading
    3. Location selection gui
    4. Basic chopping logic
    5. Walking/Path system
    6. Paint
    7. Local file encryption

    Phase β2:
    1. TreeSmart chopping logic
    2. Tree timing logic
    3. Edgeville yews support

    4. Antiban
    5. Grand Tree Oaks.

    Phase Full 1:
    1. Full testing for ents and tree spirits
    2. Broken axe retrieval.
    3. Nest Looting
    4. Full location support.

    Phase Full 2:
    1. Power chopping
    2. Progression location leveling
    3. Player banking
    4. Teleports in paths?

    Phase Full 3:
    1. Convertion to RS3
    2. Location Builder

    Phase Full 4:
    1. Re-code as an AIO miner.

    Change Log:
    1. Initial release

    1. Logical special cases fixes
    2. Should no longer get stuck if the door closes while it is walking a path
    3. Will fix itself if it misclicks on a banker.
    4. Custom model clicking for trees since the api one seems to miss occasionally.
    5. Moved paint up.
    6. Loots nests.

    1. Tree Timing
    2. Fixed an error with my model clicking that would lock the script bot up
    3. Fixed double clicking on the trees
    4. With the timing system, ents should now be COMPLETELY ignored. (Still needs testing)
    5. A bit of antiban.

    Content Change Log:
    1. Barbarian Assault

    1.Edgeville Yews

    Future Feature List:
    Code (Text):
    2. Name                                   BatChopperAIO                 BatChopperLite
    3. Locations                              25+                                     Edgeville yews, Draynor dead trees
    4. Tree Type                             All(teak+???)                      Yews, normal (dead trees)
    5. Content Loading                  yes                                       yes
    6. TreeSmart                            yes                                       yes
    7. No IDs used at all                yes                                       yes
    8. Smart Timers                       yes                                       yes
    9. Power Chopping                  yes                                       yes
    10. Location Builder                  yes                                       no
    11. location based on lvl            yes                                       no
    12. Player Banking                    yes                                       no
    Current Location support:


    Barbarian Assault






    Explanation of TreeSmart:
    So lets say we have a stand of trees. The green dots are trees, the red lines are non passable terrain. Say we are chopping at the top left tree, and we finish, the closest tree according to the client is the middle tree.

    So that is the tree that the script bot would normally chose, however it is not actually the closest tree:

    My system will allow the script bot to learn, so initially it will chose that tree as the closest, but say by chance, that tree is stumped when we finish chopping so we walk to this tree instead.

    Now the script bot has a choice to make when it is choosing the next tree, and it will choose the tree that it is closer to walk to instead of the tree that is actually closer.
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  2. Very impressive. Can't wait to see it in action.
  3. Looks really promising. Keep up the good work.
  4. I can't wait to see it completed.
    Best of luck!
  5. Very impressive! Looking forward to using this a lot! You're awesome :p
  6. Now that the client actually seems runnable, and I actually have time to work on shit outside of school, I'm deving this now fully, so a working copy is coming up!
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  7. Glad to hear this!
  8. If all goes according to plan we should be releasing 1.1.0 tomorrow which is focused to help you developers in scripting.
  9. Well now, it seems that my account has been stolen some how :|
    So it looks like I can't dev this anymore...
  10. Sorry to hear that. If you want i can take over development.
  11. uuuhm, no thanks my source is not going out to anyone else.
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