[Dev][OSRS] Auto Woodcutter Pro

Discussion in 'Projects' started by novak80, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. The best AIO woodcutting script bot ever made.

    -Chop ANYWHERE (both banking and powerchopping)
    -Bank Support:
    -Can have axe in inventory
    -Create an area
    -Nest support



    coming very soon!
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  2. Good luck on this man.
  3. Will this support ivy chopping?
  4. Hey Coma whats up?
  5. Is he really? O_O
  6. Definetely :O
    Hey Coma bro Im glad you decided to join the good side of the force
  7. I am not coma
  8. What makes you think :D
  9. Will be looking forward to use this! :3
  10. Probably the Auto [script bot] Pro, and the name is 100% from coma lol
  11. Wasn't "Auto [script bot] Pro" a Nexus thing?
  12. And the paint.
  13. pushed to SVN, should be released soon!
  14. Um i mentioned the name twice, the second time i meant the paint yea

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