[Dev] Quantum Iron PowerMiner

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Quantum, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Here's another little project for you guys: a simple iron powerminer.

    - Mines iron ore in Varrock West/East Mine
    - Drops ore*

    TO - DO:

    - Add more locations
    - Make the script bot faster
    - Add anti-ban

    *Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with Inventory.isFull where it can't detect that the inventory is full. I think that may be a problem with the API, I've notified Cloud and it will hopefully be fixed with the next release. Once that is fixed it will drop just fine.

    Stay tuned for more.
  2. Good luck, if you need any help feel free to hit me up :)
  3. Too be honest you really don't need to add any locations if it's only iron ore.
  4. Yes, but it would be nice for users to have the choice, especially when at times certain areas can get crowded.
  5. they still need to walk to the area. Unless you(I mean me) add something like that
  6. Haha yeah, you've been a great help. It's just stupid that the only problem was I wrote "Mining" instead of "Mine".
  7. Yeah, okay
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