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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Dibes, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. When you select an object/npc/grounditem in the Dev panel, it should paint the polys on the screen to give a visual representation.
  2. Yes I do agree with this, it is very challenging pin pointing which npc is which while they are all moving.
  3. You have the name of the object/npc/grounditem when you use the RuneMate Development Toolkit. You can even arrange it by alphabetical order or distance from you.
  4. Yes, but I think there would be more required like Coordinates, or point on screen something along those lines of telling which one it is.
  5. Well if you know the name of what you are looking for so for example the id of a Magic Tree and you stand next to Magic Tree, set it by alphabetical order, go to M and voila, Magic Tree id appears :p
  6. When working with npcs, they move and there are more than one.
    EDIT: and sometimes there names are the same just different IDS that you need. Example: Freaky Forester has all those pheasants with different number of tails, all different IDS same name, moving around.
  7. That is true, but from what I've heard from Cloud I don't think he'll implement a canvas due to detectability reasons if I recall correctly.
  8. So will paints be null? Will we have to use GUI's to display information?
  9. There will be BotPane to replace it.
  10. For the near (and possibly not so near) future, you will not be able to place an overlay over the canvas (also known as a paint). Instead, you can use the full javafx library to render beautiful scenes in the botpane, which is shown below the game. In V1.1.3, it's disabled because of several bugs we were experiencing, but it's fixed in V1.1.4 and I'm almost positive you'll realize that for most purposes, it's a far better way to display information.
  11. That's all I care about haha. I like the JavaFX library better anyway than a canvas. Are we able to show a 3d mesh such as an NPC model with the polygons given with JavaFX?
  12. I'm sure you could, it wouldn't give the same effect as overlaying it on the canvas though, that's one of the few situations where an overlay would probably be nicer.
  13. To speak on these points, after having worked extensively with JavaFX to design the UI for RuneMate, I can tell you that paired with SceneBuilder it's one of the most awesome design languages/tools I've ever seen. And on the idea of using JavaFX to simulate paint, that's already something I've been playing around with. We may see overlays after all (but no promises). ;)

    Just need to get @Cloud to fix adding JavaFX stuff to the local scripts bots classloader so I can test *hint hint*. :p
  14. Would it be possible to add a separate transparent pane over the top of the applet window that could then be painted on. In doing so you would have to minimize this pane in order to click on the applet. But would this work? Never looked into it so don't know if it's possible but yeah, there's a thought.
  15. I have a plan, but what you've stated wouldn't work because JFX doesn't integrate well with heavy-weight, AWT components such as RuneScape's Canvas. But as always, thanks for the suggestion and trying to help.

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