RS3 Developing a bot YOU pick! [VOTE]

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by StefanOG, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    Going to be using my Computer Science degree and few years with Java to create a RS3 Bot you guys need.
    I don't want to create a basic bot, It has to be something that isn't on here and will serve a purpose for a large majority of users.

    Please post below.

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  2. Dung bot m80
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  3. Maybe some DS bots also? :>
  4. A GOOD working Construction bot please! Or a GOOD working Runespan bot
  5. Isn't Celestial Runespan working? :eek:
  6. A Multibot Maybe ?
  7. What's a multibot?
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  8. All in one?
  9. Thats the meaning of a Multibot , its doing like Fletching, Woodcutting, Fishing, etc. with an GUI where you select the different Skills and or Positions where to farm/skill :)
  10. @Supreme Leader is currently working on one with his team :)
  11. Ok didn`t know im knew here so it was just an Idea ^^
  12. it works very well for me
  13. OSRS Construction
  14. I'd like to see OSRS Abyssal Runecrafting Bot
  15. I would support this.

  16. tzhaar suicide fighter for DS?
  17. A good Dungeoneering bot
  18. Keep posting that as long as your doing as good as you are currently doing ;)
    Also; I really hope you get back on last years level, was fun to watch!

    OT: Cele runespan doesn't hop islands for me, so it was getting like 30k/h lol
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  19. What about a quester? Maybe for a few f2p ones.
  20. Hopefully your degree helps reading methods from the API.

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