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  3. Thank you for this resource. :)

    By the way, is there any trick to easily and specifically retrieve information regarding interfaces? For instance, I want to check the interface that arises when an attempt is made to cook something.
  4. Open interface, open the interface viewer, have a look for phrases you recognise!
  5. have fun opening every tree node :rolleyes:
  6. Where am I supposed to read the phrases because I get this huge list of possible interfaces and when I examine them all relevant properties are either 'null' or 'empty'. :eek:
  7. Please add Model#hashcode() so we can use it to get the model hashes needed for building queries using the .models() method :)
  8. Hmm a whitelist that overpowers the blacklist... I suppose it could come in handy, just remind me :p
  9. I got a message in the console when I ran it after reporting a player for botting:
    Code (Text):
    1. Unable to resolve chatbox message type "26" for the message "Thank-you, your abuse report has been received." sent by "null", please report this.
    It said to report it so I thought I'd put it here.
  10. Lofl! That is funny that it hadn't been added! I kinda feel reporting people is reporting yourself lol, but who knows. Since I feel it draws unwanted attention.

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