[Discussion] Standardize Versioning Scheme?

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Would you like versioning to be standardized?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. I was just briefly thinking on this. Versioning is in place but I don't think it means much to people as of right now. While most might think it a moot point, I feel it is important to easily convey what changes/states a bot is at very easily for members. I think due to that, it would benefit from having a standard. For example version 1.2.12 would mean

    1: Major Feature release
    2: Minor Feature release
    12: Bug fixes

    If this exists, please excuse my ignorance! Also if this is the wrong place to post these, could you please kindly move it elsewhere.
  2. That's the version standard that I use haha
    Although I feel that giving the example 1.2.3 would convey your point easier

    Either way, I kind of feel like the author should have freedom of choice when dealing with their versioning :p
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  3. That's the versioning scheme we've publicly stated we've supported in the past and hence why in the manifest example it is used.

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