RS3 Div bots.

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by bootynchill, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Any div bots out there support cursed energies ? if not would that be something scripters see themselves adding/doing?
  2. You'll get pked. Not worth.
  3. i've seen bots there at the right combat level you can't be tele blocked/ therefor as soon as they're hit they glory to edge bank and come back.

    Could be a highly profitable/good training method since they do sell for 500+ depending on bulk.
  4. worst idea to do waste of making a bot 4 it doubt someone will create that
  5. could you explain how it would be a waste ?
  6. if you want It either you make it yourself or get a private bot dont bring up something bot authors cant make
  7. not that hard to make, im just to busy to make it.
  8. what is his problem ? im not sure what a simple question became a giant waste of time ? lol
  9. Becuz your an irrelevant little kid
  10. Yes their is a private bot script bot for cursed energy @Qosmiof2 has one it costs money.
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  11. how much is it w or without cursed
  12. 50€/month
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