[DIVINATION] ExoWisp - Finished when Cloud fixes bug

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Exile, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. The script bot is finished, all wisps are supported but Cloud first needs to fix this NPC interaction bug :(
    @Cloud , it's happening with all kinds of Wisps as well, not only in RuneSpan
  2. So.

    Do you autodetect?

    Or a gui?
  3. Autodetection + autoswitching to next spot when you level up
  4. That's good ;).
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  5. Damn, can't wait for this!0
  6. Not as good a your coding skills ;)
    Are you working on something atm?
  7. Bugging Cloud to fix bug.
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  8. <3
  9. Fixed in Beta 40, now no more excuses!
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  10. You still have collisions and model clicking to fix.
  11. Divination script bot to be released later today, working some more on my magic script bot :)
    Thanks alot!! :)

    EDIT: Now it's working, partially, it actually performs the interaction about once/16 tries, but it does.
    Still waiting a bit until I release this..
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  12. Yea I've been dealing with horrid interaction.
  13. I know you said that interaction is working better but now the energy rift is having issues, but can you go ahead and upload it to the bot store so that I can do some testing with it?
  14. Nevermind what I said, for some magical reason it's now running smoothly :)

    If it can run for like 30 mins without interruption, I will release the beta version to store :)
  15. Alright sounds good, I'm glad to hear that :)
  16. Now adding wisps to enum, then it can be uploaded :)
    *once I got all the ids*

    Cloud, you're a genius <3

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