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..and this is my crib.

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    DivineCon - ..and this is my crib.

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  2. Noticed a few issues:
    1. Does not select an option after using notes on NPC - I have to click "Exchange All: x coins"
    2. Does not click through dialogue on level up
    3. Some pathing issues running from Portal to Larder spot
  3. 1) How many oak planks are you trying to unnote when it doesn't click through?
    2) It should continue through the logic regardless of leveling up, shouldn't have to click through it.
    3) Can you give more detail on the pathing issue?
  4. 1. 80; my inventory consists of cash stack, nails, planks, hammer, saw, and house tele tabs
    2. Will stand by for next level, but it has happened every level. I have to just click space bar to go thru the dialogue. Let me know if any more details would help.
    3. I figured this could have something to do with people having different house layouts but it tries to click on the minimap right outside of the room (outside of the house). I've seen a similar type thing happen with Celestial Fisher - trying to run to bank by clicking on minimap outside of the building.
  5. Heads up, you won't need the nails or house tabs when running the bot. Where's your kitchen located in the house relative to the house portal?
  6. Kitchen (was) located NE of portal. And yes I realized after the fact that I didn't need the nails, just didn't bother to go bank stuff. I did get to 50 construction after a few hours so thanks for that :D

    I'm gonna try out your Orbs bot again tomorrow, for some reason it was getting stuck in a loop of opening bank, depositing everything, withdrawing cosmics / tab / orbs and repeat. If the problem persists I'll post in the appropriate thread.
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  7. Gotcha, yeah that shouldn't happen. Let me know if the orbs bot has problems.
  8. It won't remove the larder after he build the 1st one, he just try's to build another one while the larder is still standing there. He missclicks and try's to build tree's at the "tree space" next to the larder.

    It would be awesome if you fix this. I really like the idea of a working construction bot

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