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  2. Gets error when trying to drink absorbtion potion on 990, i would suggest seting absorption potion drinking till 100-200, since to use out 1k takes a lot time and players might decide to leave sooner...
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    Also gets error when there no more absorption potion even if there still alot of potion points left
  3. Requested a bot update a few hours ago that fixes those problems. Also fixes the problem with rock-caking. When v0.0.3 comes out you shouldn't have that problem but until then you won't really be able to use this :(
  4. this bot does not support guthans training :(
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    also drinking ovls must be coded by att/str/defence levels, not hp :p unless it only supports dh training
  5. Both should work fine to be honest. If the bot is working as intended and you set it up correctly (from 1HP), it should be the same regardless of how the need to use a new overload is calculated (if this is coded how I think it is).
  6. Try it now, should be working fine.

    Basically what party said. Ovls potting relies on hp for a successful pot, but if you're using absorbs and ovl'ing to 1hp (which should bc it will let you last a lot longer than if you weren't), it can be coded to hp. If you weren't ovl'ing down to 1hp then yeah it would be coded based on combat stats but it should still work either way. When the interface is done, i'll add guthan training as an option (y)
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  7. waiting on guthans update :)
  8. Please add granite maul as a special weapon :) want to use on my 50 attack pure.
  9. Will add spec weps to the future updates!
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    I've never done guthans NMZ. What exactly is needed for that? A random click every 15-20mins to stay in game?
  10. you don't need random clicking every 15-20mins because you're drinking ovls. guthans nmz method should be done like this.
    ovls drinking based on att level, straight after 1 dose ovl you drink 1 dose absorption. after drinking pots you must click att on npc because sometimes it gets bugged on spining from one target to another. and i think thats it. guthan method works only in normal mode. because hard mode will kill you easily. hope i said everything
  11. Pushing an update soon that incorporates prayer pots and combat prayers. Specs should be soon as well.
  12. bot fails to flick rapid heal prayer, by this reason bot emptyies prayer points and stop... cannot be left without attention for a long period of time.
  13. Set to NON-resizable mode. Confirm whether this works so I can report it.
  14. I'm always using bots on NON-resizable mode. Rapid heal flicking works just sometimes it bugs up... I think solution to this problem could be some failsafe integration or something like that.
  15. Do you mean it activates and fails to disable or doesn't activate it at all? There is a failsafe right now that will deactivate it if it is activated.

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