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    DJ Plunder

    Very excited to release! Not far away but I need to decide what other features to include.

    Currently supports -
    • Rooms 1-5
    • Manually entering game
    • Banking
    • All fish supported
    • Eating
    • Emergency teleport(falador or varrock teletabs currently. Will add more as requested)
    Planning to include -

    • Prioritise looting
    • Select how many floors you want to complete per run. I.e. if 3 is selected it will automatically complete the final 3 floors unlocked
    • Pharoahs sceptre support and recharging. (Is there a setting for the amount of charges?) And also the other sceptre, which I haven't got :(
    • More food support
    • Prayer support(does anyone really need this?)
    • Summoning support
    • Anything that is requested or very beneficial

    Anyone have anything they would like iincluded?

    Thanks :D
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