OSRS Do Runescape offences expire?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by greyb3ast, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. So i got banned (for 2 days) on my account which i botted alot but also was doing quests (111 quest points). If i get cought again i will be perma banned. My offences meter is green but at half way ... so my question is do it ever goes back? Can i wait like half year and get 2 day ban again?
  2. Honestly, I doubt it.
  3. No it won't. The offence meter will be half green, I had the same with an account a few years ago, and the offencemeter is still on the half green
  4. It should list the expiration time & date. All of mine on OSRS have been 1 year. Getting another offence before that year is up has ended in perm.
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  5. I have a perm banned account for 6-7 years so nope.
  6. Weird cause on my main I had a 48 hour ban for botting and then the green bar was full. 3 months later the ban meter is all the way down.
  7. Perm bans don't expire. Temp bans and mutes do.
  8. my old main had had a 2 day ban for 2years on the record. Mutes will expire though, as he was muted like 7 years ago and it went back down a while later
  9. Lets say you got a temp ban 2 days ban after your expire date that is 1 year that offence expires and you can bot on your account again and get another temp ban 2 days its won't be perm banned you just need to wait one year till your offence expires.
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  10. Well never knew that I thought the offences for botting never expires
  11. Next to your offence it will say expire date if not then it doses not expire
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  12. Yeah I see that know lol, but still you think jagex wouldn't be so soft on botters
  13. ive been banned since 2010 still banned fml lol

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