Do Scripts Run Better in Legacy or Old-School Layout RS3?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by opticness, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. I've started to wonder this for a little while. I run my RS3 scripts bots in revolution with the Old-School preset layout, but would it be better to run in Legacy?
  2. It does not really matter, if it is important, the bot author will write it in the bot's description or thread.
  3. i'm running them in legacy
  4. Rs3 old school with tiny chat box for combat, legacy for anything else.
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  5. Legacy for all, RS3 for those explicity stated that they use the ability bar for items.
  6. Got it, thanks! Looks like I'll be running in legacy for most of the skilling I do :D
  7. RS3 layout non-oldschool, mainly because most people who bot use legacy so you are less likely to develop the same pattern as someone else. It also helps that you can move the layout around so you won't have the same patterns as everyone else.
  8. Don't listen to this guy, he's just paranoid.
  9. lol. Isnt everyone about botting, and does that even make a difference. " Hey guys these 2 are afkk at rockcrabs. But one is on revolution ban the one on legacy!!"
    I'm not sure if thats how it works hehe
  10. I actually ran my div bot in legacy... less chance to misclick any abilities or mess up the interface
  11. The main way botwatch works is that it looks for patterns, and if these patterns are shared among people then it's likely a bot according to their systems. I'm not talking about revolution, but that you can resize the RS3 window and move around components. While Clouse generally helps reduce mouse patterns, it's still possible to form somewhat similar patterns to others. However, your mouse pattern will look entirely different if you have everything in different places.
  12. While this is true, it also isn't i am assuming the mouse recorder works like moving between two points if there is curve like human then it won't look so bad but if is perfectly straight then you have a clear bot. So I think there is no difference with switching interface styles
  13. mouse movements have to have a semi shakiness to them to represent more like human behavior. As stated above it it just straight lines from one point to another that is very suspicious as it is pretty much impossible for a person to do straightline movements ad not fk up somewhere lol
  14. I change my layout depending on the task... Whether I'm playing legit or botting... But, when I bot a task, I use the same layout I would use if I weren't botting it... So far, no issues...

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