do they ban all character on your ip?

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  1. Say i'm botting on computer A and playing my main on computer B, will the banhammer strike both computer A and B because we share an ip address? computer B is using no bot clients and is a fresh build. computer A will never be used to play on my main.
  2. The chances of a ban are higher when using the same ip, yes, but furtunately runemate supports proxies for each client :)
  3. What do you mean it supports proxies? If I log onto My botting computer and run runemate do i need to set up some sort of proxy
  4. When logging in to the runemate client, on the bottom is an option for proxies
  5. That's soo thoughtful glad i'm doing my research before getting my main perma banned. Is there a sticky or something i should read before attempting to change my proxies settings? I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm no programmer.
  6. Not really, you just need to type in the address of your proxy server, and a password if needed.
  7. Do i need to create these proxies outside of the client? I've seen people talking about VPNs, do I need one to ensure my mains safety?
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  8. If one of your accounts is banned for botting your IP will be flagged and the other accounts on it monitored.
    Of course that's when proxies (as mentioned before) come into use.
    Both will mask your IP. I think using a proxy will be easier, though.
  9. To add what is said above; use a PERSONAL proxy. Don't use anything that could already be flagged because of another botter.

    If possible you can alternatively bot on that account using a neighbors internet connection of who you know he doesn't play RuneScape or at least doesn't bot. I think that would require a 2nd computer for just botting then, though.
  10. I'm using a second computer for botting, but I haven't started yet because of banrates, I want to ensure the safety of my main who is unbotted and only played on a separate computer off a wifi connection. I don't know how to set up a personal proxy. Any tips or stickies relating to that?
  11. To be fair I think that if you're just botting on one account on a separate computer that you will be perfectly fine. Jagex normally only bans other accounts too when they suspect the person a goldfarmer who transers off the gold to a mule.

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