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Discussion in 'Graphics' started by kristiaan, May 26, 2015.

  1. Who actually likes my signature? :p
  2. Meh, it would've been better with "Insomniac":p
  3. I don't like it; it's hard to read and the image does not fit with the style of the text.
    please don't kill me
  4. I like it, the little dragonballz guy looks cool i forget cartoon names been like 14 years since i watched a cartoon lol
  5. Its goku :p
  6. Ah yes! Goku, i used to love dragonballz when i was a young kid, kids tv is ridiculous now some of the shit i'm forced to watch with my son is unreal.
  7. Amen, i know right :p
  8. I really should get a profile pic and a siggy, but i'm too damn lazy.
  9. It's fine in my eyes.
  10. I think it looks cool. :)
  11. Thanks :) just re-activated my Photoshop subscription :) so i will make a better one tomorrow :D

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