Resolved Dodgy as fuck! @Cloud What!??!?

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  1. @Cloud @Arbiter

    Was botting on my current main, all good, couldn't decided what to bot so I logged off (IN THE G.E)

    Logged onto my noob/mule to bot at cows in lumbridge, working all good so I left it on over night and set a shutdown timer

    Woke up in the morning, my comp was off, all good. Turned it on, logged onto my mule, banned whatever, I don't care.

    Log onto my main......sitting in lumbridge with a full inventory of cow hides and 1.8k in bank.....................

    Did somehow runemate open another client and log into my main and set that all up?

    Or did I get hacked (nothing in my bank or acc is missing)

    FYI no one in my family knows what runescape is let alone could manage to log onto my account and set this up


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    Post #23 by Arbiter, Dec 27, 2014
  3. The information you enter for the client isn't stored anywhere where a developer/anyone has access to it.
  4. Sleepwalk?
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  5. You probably have a virus. I recommend you re-install windows with a backup of your important data to make sure it's gone.
  6. oops that was me
  7. Do you use Authenticator?
  8. Did you select the right account?
  9. Scanned with 5 different scanners. No.

    Obviously I selected the right account I was watching my mule run back and forth for 5 mins before I went to bed to check everything was working.
  10. Sucks man, atleast ur main isnt banned (yet) :p
  11. Wow thats super weird and interesting :p I believe you selected the wrong account when you started the script bot, then while you were asleep a number of things could of happened(Internet stopped for a minute, game forced you to log out, script bot got stuck) then you would of been logged out and then runemate would of logged you back in with the account you selected being your main.
  12. That's what I said.
  13. Luckily ur main wasn't banned. That's the main point. LOL
  14. What happened most likely is that you logged into your mule and started the bot. What you accidentally did without realizing is set the account through RuneMate to your main. At some point in the night you disconnected (or got forced logged due to ban) and RuneMate logged you back in - but to your main, not your mule. It then tried to set itself up, and that's what you saw. #logic
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  15. that or arbiter's indian side kicked in and wanted more gp
  16. And therefore I set up a cow killer. #morelogic
  17. I can't describe how lame this sounds sand nigger.

    I got yo back Arbiter.
  18. verified
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  20. ye cu it has dog in it which means bad cats4lyfe
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