Does ban affect future bans?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Dellgenius, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. If an acc got 48h ban for botting, is it advisable to bot again?
  2. I'm sure they will look closer at the account for at least a period of time after the ban
  3. Yes, but it's not like you can't bot again. Just wait a week or two before continuing your botting adventures with RM;)
  4. Won't this be more suspicious:
    Play alot > get banned > play less for some time > play a lot again
  5. Lol you want to go hard right after the ban?
  6. lol ofc not
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  7. I botted strait after 48 hours ban nothing happened only reason i got a 48 hour was logging in with another client!
  8. I had an acct with a 48hr ban.. believe I was doin flax when it happened. Anyways, been botting it on DS for about a week now, but I do give it a lot of attention and babysit it from time to time. I tend to bot activities that dont garner much attention, or go to out of the way spots.
  9. Your account will be flagged, so I don't advise to bot for a while. Even then, you will need to be careful.
  10. This, and also you can still bot, but do something after like 2h's :)
    Jagex knows that there are hardly any players that do agility for 4h's straight =^p, in that case, do some quests :)
  11. It's not possible to get banned for using another client. Jagex is not able to read the "Client" that you are using to play the game.
  12. Never say never :) they will find a way =) thats pretty much how PowerBot died out :^p
  13. RuneMate is always 2 steps ahead m8;)
  14. I know, but still :)
    Also, @Arbiter , any news with the upcoming RS client?
    I heard that they are going to drop the JAVA client :)
    Is RM also 2 steps ahead for that? :) <3
  15. 2 steps? I thought it was more like 10 ;).

    Anyways, after how long do they unflag the account?
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  16. Like at least 2 weeks to a month.
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