RS3 Does Jagex care?

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  1. I have been botting on my main, switching up skills every like 10 hours. I have been botting for like 18 hours a day, usually doing it over night too. This has been going on the past 3-4 days. There has been twice where I had a bad bot that screwed up for like 2-3 hours and just randomly kept clicking, but not moving me so I stayed logged in for a long time doing nothing. My account is pretty old, like almost 10 years and I'm almost maxed. How have I not been banned? I don't understand. I'm botting in areas no one goes, maybe that is why? I feel like banning is solely based on player reports.
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    Let me add that it's pretty obvious I'm botting if someone were to review my account. Am I just lucky?
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  2. Im pretty sure you are just lucky.

    If your main is almost maxed Id chill and not bot at all :p
  3. I'm just gonna resort to only bot watching for like 4-6 hours a day.
  4. I have a theory that the amount of tracking decreases as the account age increases, similar to some anti-cheat systems in games like Rust and Minecraft.

    That being said, I've got an account with multiple 99s that I've botted everything except for restocking, quests etc.
  5. Interesting, I'm convinced I won't get banned.
  6. Tbh, I was botting on one of my mains(about 2450 total) for last 2 months 12 hours a day using mostly PixieFDK. Guess what, no ban. Made 2 fresh acc, used few bots, both banned. For sure age of the acc matters. All my mains are from 2004.
  7. How do you use PixieFDK, I set it up right but the script bot SCREAMS bot by the way it acts. And I definitely agree age of the account affects the ban rates since all gold farming accounts are usually under a month old. It also helps that this bot isn't RSBot and isn't directly targeted by Jagex.

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