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  1. Heya,

    I love Runemate, excellent bot and great staff but I hate to come back from school, work or any other activities and see that the bot is stuck with destroying a key that pops up in my inventory every now and then, like when a random stone gets in your inventory.

    can someone pls fix this, thanks <3
  2. Can you provide the exact item name? An in-game screenshot would be great.
  3. yo thanks for replying to quickly, i'll provide screenshot as soon as the problem occurs again bruh, ill quote you again
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    @Arbiter here is an image for you, the problem is that it gets stuck here and doesn't do anything:

  4. I'm sorry to hear your having problems with the best bot around :(
    If you want to apply a temporarily fix, you can use a program like Winautomation.
    Then simply, make it search for the image, and when found click on the ok button ;)
    Or maybe even make it delete the Key token to entirely fix it :p
    Here's a explanation:

    I know this is not professional in any way, but atleast your able to continue botting.

    [I dont know If this will get you banned, but I doubt it as its just clicking once in a while]
    [There's a way to make it click on the button, by using random mouse locations]
    [Meaning, its not gonna click at the exact same spot over and over again]
    [Shoot me a PM if you want me to help you set this up ASAP]

    If you wanna wait for an answer/fix from @Cloud, then I respect that ;)
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  5. Does anyone know if there's a varpbit that contains the amount of keys you have?
  6. I don't know how but you can set it to auto redeem keys so they don't appear in your inventory. I've said it before but I feel that we should be able to turn off unexpected item handler on the client side.
  7. Hope this gets fixed somedayyy
  8. Just provide @Cloud with an account that has maxed tickets and it will be. ;)
  9. I have a look at my 99 miner acc's with a color cos i forgot the emails and pass lols
  10. Okay I will, so tell me how to get them brah
  11. With a bond hahaha
  12. I meant maxed keys. Just lend him the account when you are having the issue you took a screenshot of.
  13. I find one :)
  14. How many bonds
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    Just one key or a whole inventory
  15. Just whenever the "You must use up an earned key before..." error pops up.
  16. I make a youtube vid about it before hahahah
    15 keys from one bond

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