Resolved Doesn't let me create a new runemate account

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by maymoney, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. When i go to create a new runemate account,fill in all the need boxes and then press sign up it tell's me this:
    1. Your registration has been rejected as it resembles automated or spam-like behavior. Please contact the administrator for further information or assistance.

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    Post #27 by Arbiter, Aug 19, 2015
  3. What is the reason you want to make an extra account? If this is just for having more clients available, please donate.
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  4. ^ what he said, basically RM doesnt allow people to have more then 1 account period. youll get banned for it. only way is what skrall said pay for instances
  5. Thanks for letting us know you're trying to make more than one account. Your other account has been banned, and you will be banned for a single day. If you make a new account again, it will be permanent.
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  6. He said it was for his cousin in the ShoutBox, was it determined that it was actually for himself?
  7. Why would he create a account for his cousin? Doens't he a have his own pc? Now i'm interested to know :p
  8. Idk, I'm just saying what I saw haha
  9. Well they shared the same IP address many times so unless they live together, I don't buy the cousin story.

    Feel free to prove me wrong, though. @maymoney
  10. I don't go with the cousin story too just someone trying to get more clientes.
  11. Runemate only allows one account per user :)
    If you just want another name, then you can Always request a name change :)
  12. We live in the same house, and isnt it one client to every pc? what do you want me to do send my proof of residential address and take a passport photo for you? lmao
  13. It's one account per person, not one client per pc.
  14. ok theres 2 persons
  15. If you guys use the same PC I don't think it will be possible to make another account
  16. 2 different pcs though
  17. i have 4 different PCs at home :D
  18. Just DM Cabbage a picture of IDs for both of you + a piece of paper with on it with today's date? Is that an acceptable solution?
  19. Atleast you are a supporter......

    Yall everyone else dont be cheap badtards and pay one dollar.... Especially you @maymoney
  20. lawl xD
  21. I've got 5 at home myself. Too bad 2 of them are dying and need to be upgraded. atleast they're both shitty laptops So i'll prolly just put the cash into new gaming desktops. Who knows.

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