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    Jul 24, 2014
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    Another tedious comp requirement! Like Mage Training Arena and Livid Farm weren't enough...
    Basically you need to complete almost all Dominion Tower challenges. These consist of:
    - Getting 500 Boss Killcount.
    - Finding all Journal pages (20 in total).
    - Complete all special bosses.

    Now the last task would be a bit too short to make a bot for, it's rather the first two tasks that take a long time.
    Basically the bot I would have in mind chooses 'Endurance' mode, in which you fight successive bosses without banking. There's a considerable amount of (very) easy bosses to fight, and some are very annoying.
    While in Endurance mode, the bot should look for the next match, and if it's an easy boss, it continues.
    If it's on the other hand a difficult one, the bot should loot the chest and return to the starting room.
    In this way the chances of receiving pages are maximalised compared to how long you have to run the bot.

    If you want a list of easy/average/hard/impossible bosses, please ask me, if you want to consider making this bot!
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    Support for the sake of dreadnips!

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