Dont ignore all OSRS Randoms

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  1. I know it's already been suggested somewhere that we have the option to ignore or dismiss but i think randoms such as the genie and others that give lamps shouldn't be ignored. @Cloud
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  2. Agreed. No xp waste ;)
  3. Even if I play legit (read, never...) I am too lazy to accept the lamp since it's more than one click...
  4. I think dismissing them instead of waiting till they dissapear is a lot less bot-like too.
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  5. Yeah, them trailing you will attract a lot of attention.
  6. That's where my dismissTask comes in handy :)

  7. I thought about this the other day also it makes sense, i dded innto my bots so would collect genie lamp

  8. But a normal player wouldn't dismiss everyone, I ave been playing legit lately due to my ban, and I dont dissmiss them all.
  9. Let the user select what to do with each random event, since every single one of them are already programmed into it.
  10. How about setting a certain percentage of chance the bot does the random event?

    Genie random: 65% chance on complete - 20% on ignore - 15% chance on dismissing after randomly generated time
    Capt'n Arnav: 35% chance on complete - 30% on ignore - 25% of dismissing after randomly generated time

    Addition to this could the bot sending a message to the server after still being in the random event after say 5-10 minutes? This message would indicate that there is an error with completing this random and it will automatically tell all other botters their client and turn their chance on complete to 0%. The bot that got stuck would of course log out and explain the bot user what happened in a pop up window or something.
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  11. It shouldn't be decided by static values, this is the sort of thing player sense should be used for giving a different play style for all with slight session adjustments
  12. Ooh no, I meant that players should be able to decide these percentages in the advanced settings.
  13. Though the player should have correct math, right? I like the idea
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