Double Exp Investments

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  1. What do you think are the best items to invest in or mass stock to sell for the next double exp weeked for best profit?

    Looking to start stocking in these items to make profit, so what do you guys think are the top 5 items to invest in?
  2. I believe many people will use the double exp weekend as an opportunity to train expensive skills as it'll cost half the gp/xp. That being said I'd invest in items related to prayer,herblore,summoning,smithing and maybe construction though there isnt much of a drive to train construction. Items like frost bones, seared ashes, unfinished potions, potion secondaries such as potato cactus and wine of zamorak, also I'd focus on the more popular potions that people will use to make overloads that's just a thought though. Mithril, adamant and rune bars. For summoning the shards won't make a change in price neither will pouches and charms are unreadable which only leaves the pouch secondaries... Talismans are a good bet mainly water talisman, secondaries for pouches that give high exp around a certain level and popular pouches maybe war tortoise shells, yak hide, raw shark and unicorn horns. Just my thoughts. Do you know the rough time the double exp weekend will arrive in?
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  3. When's dxp weekend?
  4. Probably in oct/nov and feb/mar like every year
  5. Juist watch skill guides on youtube of the more expencive skills :) and watch the items they need :) then buy out those
  6. Basically water talismans and all types of planks is what I do.
  7. yeh, water talismans are great :D also elder logs :D for those who want FM/Fletching to go fast on those weekends :D
  8. I know from last dxp weekend, that mahogany logs went up quite a bit, while mahogany planks didn't go up quite as much. This was because players were using logs to make planks on sawmills to get protean planks, which is a much cheaper method to go. Mahogany logs are a good investment, I would also recommend popular high-exp bones/ashes.

    Anything that players will use as a way to cut costs in high-cost skills will be a good investment.

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