Double shifts?

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  1. What do ya'll think about this concept.... Botting 8 hrs a day on Oldskool servers, THEN after those 8hrs, run another bot ON Rs3 for 8hrs.Both these shifts would be ran on the same Acc . So your acc would be logged in 16hrs a day. This way its maximum use out of a bond/mem's. Can this work or is jagex ahead of me already on this one..?

    I.e - 8hrs fishing sharks on OS
    - 8hrs doing divination on Rs3

    Both 8 hr shifts would be ran in the same 24 hrs.
  2. Any response about Jagex's detection methods across OSRS and RS3 'communicating' with each other are largely an assumption.

    If it was me personally? I wouldn't do it on a main; but if it was an account I didn't care about then I would risk it.

    I guess the question is, why are you trying to maximise the use of the bond? Is your end goal to sell the account and you are hoping high level RS3 and OSRS will get you more money?
  3. Its more for maximum profit. I know itll get banned eventually but i wanna squeeze the most money out of it as i can, so trying to think outside the box a lil
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    It'd be a level 3 with some stats acquired in f2p that are more useful at higher levels
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    True... My plan would be to swap. I'm making ok gp in osrs, but these divs botters talking bout pretty nice numbers
  4. Keep in mind sell prices for RS3 gold are considerably lower than OSRS, so while you would be making some extra GP/hour, is it worth the added risk of a ban?
  5. It's a good idea
    if you wanna get banned that is
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  6. Don't worry about it much. I boy everyday with a minimum of 12 hours and still standing strong.
  7. Vpns? How many accs
  8. A vps, just 1 account. Idk it's just for fun might make some profit out of it later on though.
  9. What about something similar to this ?

    There are 24 hours in a day, i have 3 accounts tom1 tom2 and tom3 .

    Can we get a function to autorotate between these 3 accounts? eg tom1 fishes for 8 hours , next shift is tom2 with 8 hours too.

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