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  1. I've been around the runescape community ever since I was a kid. I am almost 22 now and am transitioning back into the scene after being at college for so long. I haven't decided if I am going to pick up coding for bots again. I coded for RSBOT way back in the day and had a few of the most popular scripts bots at the time in the woodcutting section. I have six year of Java experience and two years of C+ and currently work for Lockheed martin in Orlando doing systems analysis and restructuring. I know that I really like this site and hope to continue interacting with the community and maybe one day I'll pick up the bot writing quill again, but have to make sure Jagex isn't suing people anymore haha.
  2. Welcome! Would be great to see a bot release from you :)
  3. What this guy just said:)
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  4. Lockheed Martin huh, can you shed some light on the new CIA airplanes they're developing there? :)

  5. Sadly not. I'm not currently on that rotation. Working with Sims right now.
  6. Glad to see veteran botters here. Welcome. :)

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