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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Fuze, Feb 28, 2015.

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  1. DreamAgility


    • Gnome Course
    • Draynor Rooftop Course
    • Alkharid Rooftop Course
    2015-02-28 | 0.0.1 | Release
    2015-03-09 | 0.0.2 | Added Draynor Rooftop Course, Added debug option
    2015-03-30 | 0.0.3 | Added Alkharid Rooftop Course, Time To Level and nice mouse paint
    2015-04-04 | 0.0.4 | Bug fixes and stability improvements
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  2. Congratulations on release man!

    Will test it out later!
  3. It's really bugged ATM.
    Miss clicks a awe full lot, resulting in bad xp/hour or crashes because it clicked on a tile that is outside the agility area.
    I can't run this script bot for 10 minutes without that it screws up somewhere.

    Not trying to bash you, just giving you some feedback on my own experience.
    Its really awesome that you are working on a decent agility script bot and i hope you fix these errors!
  4. Great script bot and still has work to do as sometimes the bot just randomly stops in certain scenarios. I babysit when I bot so for me it's okay. May I suggest to add picking up "Mark of grace" when doing Rooftop agility courses(ex. Daynor). Wasn't an issue for me, but hey the less clicking I have to do the better.

    Great script bot! Thank you for your work!
  5. All feedback is good my friend :) The miss clicks are being worked on. As of version 0.0.2 there is a button on the screen which says "Debug", click it and send me a screenshot of where it stops etc.
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    Thank you. I can look up with the "Mark of grace". As for it randomly stops, version 0.0.2 has an debug button, click it and send me a screenshot of it :)
  6. Looking forward to more courses! :)
  7. Going to test this out at Gnome Agility Course! will post a progress c:
    Have been babysitting it for a bit, and there has been missclicks. Depending on the camera angle when turning towards an object, it can click a gnome. Mine did, and so it just stopped moving completely. so I stopped, and ran the bot again, and so far it has been doing well.
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  8. Should add mark of grace support
  9. Tried it out at gnome and al kharid. First impressions...How hard it could be to make working agility script bot ? I mean...its pretty basic stuff. It just stucks after few minutes thanks to that, that bot isnt moving camera correctly and it wont find right spot to click (tree branch at gnome, last obstackle at al kharid) U should try u script bot atleast hour, before publishing it :D... My record is 7 minutes now, when it gets stuck and needs my help ;)
  10. There are many runtime conditions that could cause different results for different users. If we just consider interface layouts there are millions of combinations. It's not a simple task to provide wide support, and ungratefulness won't help it happen any sooner. Perhaps if you provided a more detailed report like what graphics/interface settings you're using, a screenshot, or hell even a video @Fuze would be more than happy to look into it.
  11. What type of graphic/interface problems can there be? OSRS isnt even resizeable, and hes right, my longest time running at alkharid was 7 minutes. I had more luck in the draynor course. Have you tried running the bot yourself for more than 30 minutes at each course?
  12. Yea..Graphic isnt a problem. Using latest java (have both 64 and 32 bit jdk installed) Runemate needed 64bit....Simba needed 32. maybe there comes some difference. It just made one round and stucked...Just add some extra camera movement codes or smth. I think it cannnot find this obstacle cause its too far...when i move camera by controls, or move character little bit, then it works again. Another problem at al kharid cource is that (2nd attachment), see map over there..mouse click stays back on map...it should go ahead :/ There are some other minor bugs when bot gets stucked for seconds or just moving mouse near next obstacle click and find it after ~10 sec. I guess its not some antiban system :D
    Pretty weird that there are no good agility scripts bots yet :/
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    And it woudlnt start at draynor at all. Just stays at one place. (started at agility icon)
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    But keep up good work. U should add barbarian and monkey courses next and eating, maybe even summer pie option ;)

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  13. Thanks for the feedback, I shall look into this after I get home from work which will be around 10H from now :)
  14. Still 10 min max.
  15. Alkharid Rooftop Course have been fixed, gonna let it run alittle longer. Then I'm gonna look at Draynor and Gnome
  16. I'll be testing this later as I am lvl 1 agility and I bought a bond earlier. I'll post results.
  17. Runs pretty good to be honest but it is a little slow but none the less works, you should add varrock and falador though.
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    Lol bot no anti-ban wouldn't recommend to any until updated.
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