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  2. Looking forward to following your projects. :)
  3. DreamFireCape :D, im not joking. IM level 120 in game and cant get a fire cape :l
  4. Your DreamAgility has been released (Unless you marked it as hidden, but I don't think you did...)
  5. Indeed, it's out on the bot store, forgot to update the thread :3
  6. Wow, looking great! Best of luck with it, bud. Let me know if you ever need anything. ;)
  7. A bot that kills Hill giants would be great.

    Goodluck with the series, Fuze :)
  8. A nature runecrafting bot would be nice :) , also an aio chocolate bar/goat horn/ blue dragon scale grinder would be nice :)
  9. OSRS or RS3? Thanks :)
  10. DreamCon?

    No construction script bot on the botstore at the moment.
  11. My bad, I should have specified. Old School RuneScape :)
  12. Updated thread with more bots to come.
  13. Cant wait for Dream smith and more courses added to Dream agility, keep up the work!
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