Dark DS Suiciding

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  1. Started these accounts yesterday(10/25/15). Barley getting back into RS after like 4 years of being gone.

    I'm gonna try to update day by day



    UPDATE: 8:41 10/26/15
    Both have around 200k
    Don't really know how to get money rn but seems like im doing fine

    update 2: Been going ham with this shit 8:09 10/27/15


    UPDATE 3 TRESSS!!10/28/15 10:25pm shit making bank dont know where to train str tho


    Update 4
    shit i didnt even run this shit today xD

    Update 5
    shit the lvl 3 got banned a few weeks back and i just stopped but im back at it

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  2. Pretty sure you will get banned, do you have a goal until that time?
  3. Hopefully to get 1m.
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    Updated this shit
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    Another update :D
  4. Nice man, keep it up. Suiciding on other players?
  5. "Bot hard or go home" - WYD
  6. No just these rn just wanna see how they go.
    Thats how we do it out here

    OT: Gonna update once I come back from work.
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  7. I don't think jagex is paying attention to these DS bots lol... I've been botting for like 2 days and nothing happend to me, and on 2 accounts.

    Just tryin to find a place to train with nobody, for 60 strength for my obby mauler .
  8. I trained at Al Kharid Soliders for that spawn is literately right there so no need for food
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    update too :D
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  9. But, will the bot run back and kill them? Because the 2 combat scripts bots I use they just stop when i die... Can you give me the script bot + settings you use for the best training overnight + long periods of time? (10 hours +)
  10. yeah i need those aswell
  11. got you when i start training combat again
  12. Tried it this morning, ran for 12 hours n only got 100k xp :(
  13. gotta love updates bump

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