Dwarf Traders 1.0.3

The best Thieving XP in the game.

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    Dwarf Traders - The best Thieving XP in the game.

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  2. Going to assume rs3?
  3. I think this is an RS3 exclusive method yeah. Added more info in the description!

    Dwarf Traders
  4. Have to grind out a few levels to give it a try!
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  5. Currently a a bug with this bot I regarding drinking prayer flasks. If you don't have Crystal Mask/Light Form, there should be no issues with it though.

    edit: Fixes pushed.
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  6. Is it possible to support the thieving aura? It can increase the exp/hr to ~1m /hr
  7. Tbh this bot should be babysat, or only be left on for a few hours at a time because you need to restock on prayer pots/renewals manually. It doesn't take very long to achieve 99 thieving with this due to pretty ridiculous XP rates (with Crystal mask + Light form at least). I don't think I'll add support for auras anytime soon, maybe sometime in the future.

    Does the bot work though, ozdev?
  8. is lvl 90 minimum requirement?
    what kind of prayer do you need? normal prayer book or this soulsplit thing?
  9. It's optional, but Crystal Mask + Light Form are highly recommended due to super high fail at Dwarf traders. You need both The Light Within and Curses for the best XP/h. You are free to try with bare 90 thieving and see how it's like without those things, but I'd estimate XP/h to be a lot worse.

    This is a method for very high levelled accounts, so I don't expect a lot of people to be using it. But I wrote this for myself and figured I'd upload it for others too.


  10. nice from you :)

    any any any aaaannyyy chance you make a blackjack script bot for thieves guild? willing to donate a few dolla
  11. I've heard there's a high demand for one, but truth is until RuneMate menu interaction gets better, there's no way a thieving guild/blackjacking bot will be efficient. I'll definitely try creating one when it's fixed (I believe slash is working on it atm).
  12. SOON(TM)
  13. I haven't yet unlocked crystal mask :( but I plan on trying it out later this week maybe next
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    I heard runemate can't handle that quick of clicking, so try bots from like simba or something for that.
  14. is simba reflection and therefore undetected or injection?
  15. Auxi, you are a god
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  16. I hope it works! If not, let me know and I'll make some updates :)
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  17. Half of it works, it works well enough to be a rig for easy thieving so i'm happy with it.
  18. Would you mind letting me know what doesn't work? I can put in some updates today for sure.
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  19. Different things work in random different combinations but not all at once.

    Like the lurker scroll and potion drinking will work but once the mask duration is out it'l just spam lurker scrolls until the end of time.

    Or mask and potion drinking will work but lurker scrolls will not, so the bot will do nothing until you manually cast it

    I've also noticed that the bot crashes if you get below ~350 prayer points for some reason. I have 95 prayer so that's ~36%

    If you don't have both the lurker pouch and the mask available to use the bot just won't work, I stopped letting the bot drink potions for some reason very early on, maybe it didn't drink fast enough or something. I just used the bot to click and use lurker scrolls while i drank the pots and cast mask
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