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  1. Dylan Turner's Road To Max

    Hello i am making this thread so i can keep track of my progress mainly for myself, but also to show off to you guys. This should also give you some ideas of what bots on the store you can be using to achieve high levels without a ban. I will be updating this weekly to let you know what i have been doing with the account up until max (Why not be positive ;) ) I will also be posting progress reports of scripts bots i have been using and letting you know what i have been using as alot of people are unsure on what scripts bots to use.

    I also belive this will bring some more light on some unpopular scripts bots

    FYI i bot 24/7

    Current stats (End of week 2):
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Week 1
    Week 1 End Stats:


    This was my first week of accounts progress and i wasnt planning on doing a progress thread so dont have all the screenshots i will be using in future.

    Combat (2 Days):

    I trained 1-40 Melee stats at the trolls in burthrope (nothing special) - Open fighter

    I trained 40-60 at moss giants with a blood fury and full admant and adamant 2h in the chaos tunnels - Open fighter

    I trained 60+ at deadly red spiders with an obby maul. - Open fighter

    (Since i missed screenshots of all this, here is some just as a sneak peak in future) :)


    Hunting (3 Days):

    @awesome123man was great and worked on a new hunting script bot which happily got me to 72 hunter in 3 days


    Runespan (Few hours):
    Used Dawg Runespan, very quality script bot and just got it up so i can have higher total and not get an early ban :p (Achieved 99 on my ironman botting 24-7 for 13 days)

    Divination (2 days):

    Used Alpha divination (I was a pussy and used the break handler :p ) and happily botted up 55 div pretty quick just converting to xp. Was planning on turning this account into a divination gold farmer.

    Week 2

    Seconds weeks progress was nice, did a bit more manual playing then usual (1-4 hours a day) and did afew quests to try keep the account alive.


    I used Celestial fisher to very quickly achieve 80 fishing in a day or 2



    Used Open fighter to train at ice giants until 60.

    Used Open fighter at fungal mages with an obby staff and then upgraded Ahrims Staff then shortly will have t75 staff of light (Mage) and a t75 God sword (melee) and range will haev to be next week.


    Tryed and really liked Super Miner, just ran it overnight just to get my total level up. good stable bot.



    Trialed Dawg Hunter at Red Chinchompas again to see if it was worth hunting them for profit as they are skyrocketing for Double XP Weekend. Little bit slow, but stable.



    Stayed at deadly red spiders with a Staff of light to get that combat xp in the chaos tunnels, 24 hour session + more if i recall correctly


    Misc Stats

    Thought i would mention a few other scripts bots that i used just while i was at home to get some small levels:

    Pi Chopper
    Dawg Runespan
    Alex666 Firemaker

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  2. How's the hunter bot working? I need to create a RS3 bot and do this so that i can make it faster :D
    Gl! I think you will last 2 weeks lol! Sorry i'm a pessimist, but 24/7 seems crazy to not get banned, but you seem to prove me wrong lol :D.
  3. FYI Formatting is screwed and bare with the shit layout until i fix it :p

    I will run it again overnight, have not touched it since kill chin release even, tonight i will be using it for some feedback tommorow hopefully for you!
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  4. Looking nice man.

    I'd suggest that you don't take screenshots of your character botting at em places tho.
  5. Thanks, i probs wont be, that screenshot isnt even of the current account im botting but just used it to show an example of what i am doing. I will get more just runemate proggies to show off for next week. Thanks
  6. I suicide botted for 3 months, This is my 6th month proggy lmao

  7. Very nice! thats exactly the sort of account im going for
  8. Nice! Out of curiosity which bot did you use for fishing?
  9. Updated (Week 2) !
  10. Ban! Ban! Ban!!!! JK, haha, my account was banned yesterday :(
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  11. What's the latest update? I heard you got banned, is it true? What bot were you using?
  12. Rumors true?
    @Dylan Turner
  13. didnt u get banned
  14. Btw lasted 2.5 weeks.... embarrassing hype :( i will think of another account build to do a thread like this on, but i will update this one one last time w/ a few more screenshots and a picture of the ban so the thread can be killed off and people can lol


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