eBay/PayPal Help - An account I bought has been recovered

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  1. April 8th - I Bought an account from someone on eBay for $130 USD
    • Seller said they were the first and only owner of the account
    • Received the account details and started playing

    April 10th - Account "Locked as we suspect it has been stolen" by Jagex
    • I tried to recover the account with the information I had - recovery denied by Jagex
    • I contacted the seller, who reset the account password and gave it back to me

    April 25th - Account "Locked as we suspect it has been stolen" by Jagex
    • I had the locked account added by one of my legit accounts, and saw it log in and then quickly back out again.
    • I contacted the seller on eBay - who said they would reset the password when home from work
    • The account was no longer showing as locked, but rather showing as "wrong password" when I tried to enter my password
    • Not happy with how things had been, I submitted a claim to PayPal describing everything that had happened, and that I wanted a refund - I gave evidence - screenshots of conversations, screenshots of account locked etc.
    April 27th - PayPal claim denied.
    • PayPal denied my claim, leaving the money with the seller and me without an account
    • I have messaged the seller asking them nicely to return the account to me - no response yet

    What more can I do? I can't submit any more claims on this through PayPal as they said it is resolved.
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  2. Paypal works like a court, the one who speaks the best and provide the best evidence wins. so your best option would be to gather more evidence. Or use his paypal email that you paid too and dox it and such to get information about the scammer where he lives and such, then call him irl that would probly make him scared so he will pay back,

    message me his email that you paid too and il take a check in the database if its possible to get his password or his email or other accounts.
  3. PayPal doesn't work like that at all.

    PayPal doesn't support trading of virtual goods including RuneScape accounts and rsgp. So if you get scammed on either end of the trade, you can kiss your money goodbye. I have a lot of experience with accounts trading. There isn't really a safe way anymore. Playerauctions takes care of most of it, but people can still charge back and can just recover the account. Usually you get your money back though.

    I stepped out of the business of trading accounts because of this. I had a good run, made a few grand over a span of 5 years, but it became impossible at a point so safely do the trade.
  4. I've bought and sold well in to the thousands of dollars worth of Runescape related items and this is the first time as a purchaser I've been caught out.

    I've tried to contact the seller and they are being stubborn as ever. Judging by their grammar and spelling errors, I am assuming they are a younger person.

    They have refused to give me a partial refund so I am now researching alternative actions. I don't understand why PayPal wouldn't side with the buyer - in the past that is how it had always been...
  5. They're not siding with anyone because it's in their ToS that they do not endorse trading of virtual goods.
  6. Makes sense, I guess.

    Just hoping my bank will reverse the charge. Otherwise I will try a PayPal claim again using a different approach and see if that works.
  7. Paypal ain't gonna help you in this case.

    Your best shot would be to dox him like @sinder said.
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  8. Seems like you're out of options....if that seller still isn't responding, I would dox the shit out of him.
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    LOL i was just about to say that. We posted at the same time <3
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  9. Ive won disputes before even when its a donations.

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