►►eChaosThieving ◄◄ All NPC, All Food, Chests, Doors and Stalls 1.0.2

Supports All NPC, All Food Support!, Supports chests, Supports doors And Supports stalls!

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    eChaosThieving - Supports All NPC, All Food Support!, Supports chests, Supports doors And Supports stalls!

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  2. thank you sir!
  3. you welcome! but it's bugged atm :(
  4. you have any idea how much you can make from 1-99 thieving?
  5. nope :(, when i got 99 thieving, i did it in the sorc garden with fruits.
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  7. Hey Calle, could you make the script bot walking to bank when low health? This is mostly for Master Farmer at Draynor, because you will get full health instantly at a bank, so that would be extremely awesome, to spare the food :p
  8. Is this the chests in the thieve guild this supports?
  9. Was planning to add masterFarmer soon, I'll start working on it when I get back from school :)

    This script bot is coded mainly for OSRS, it works on both RS3 and OSRS because the script bot relies on user input instead of predetermined variables.
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  10. Awesome to hear!
    Any chances for you could do it the way I said? Like where it will run to bank after getting low HP? That would be extremely cool ;)
  11. isn't it always that way? it withdraws X amout of food and goes pickpocketing untill it runs out of food and rebanks?
  12. Yea it will normally run to bank and take out food, but that isn't needed, because if you stay in bank for 5seconds, then your health will heal up itself.
    So that means that food isn't needed, and therefor a waste :p
  13. Such a great way jagex made a scripters life easy
  14. i have started on my thieving journey today
  15. Haha yea :D
  16. Don't forget to post proggies :)

    Sorry haven't added it yet, switching between hospital and school atm
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  17. It's alright, take your time!
  18. Thats for RS3 tho
  19. oh, this script bot is based for osrs

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