Dark edgeville men killing help

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by koder, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. i keep seeing bots using a bot that is killing the men in edgeville and when player kill them they run straight back to then men i cant find a script bot that will do that every time i die the bot will shut off... anyone know of that script bot or bot
  2. If ExpertManSlaughter is too outdated and doesnt work, I just pushed a ManKiller script bot to the bot store. Should be live in another day or so, has deathwalk if you set deathspawn to edge :)
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  3. It have any fail safe?
  4. if it accidentally goes up ladder, it comes back down. and as long as you're in the edgeville area it'll find its way to the bank/fight area. Or did you mean something in particular?
  5. Yea I have used manslaughter bot and it works more than efficiently..
  6. I find two bugs in 5min lol's
  7. I used it for two days consecutively, roughly 20 hrs each.. I averaged 300-350 kills per hr.
  8. My not pick the herbs up :-(

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