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  1. Hello everyone!

    For those of you that are either new to RuneMate or transitioning from the RuneMate V1 to Spectre, you may find this thread interesting :)

    In RuneMate Spectre, a new standard for bots are being set. This standard is known as EmbeddableUI.

    EmbeddableUI is... essentially exactly what the name says. When creating your bot, one of your classes must implement 'EmbeddableUI', and by doing so, you will now have the opportunity to define and send a Node to the Spectre client referencing your Java FX GUI.

    And honestly... that's essentially it. Once the Node is set, the corresponding Java FX GUI will display embedded within the Spectre client!

    I know several questions will pop up. Please feel free to leave the question or comment below and we will try to get them answered.

    I've also attached a .zip file containing a simple Flax Picker bot that is Spectre-Ready. Please feel free to reference it!

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