Request Enter PID to Hook | 'Unable to create advertising' workaround, but RM does not recognize clients

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  1. @Arbiter explains the request better:

    The official RS client has a bug that doesn't allow you to run more than two clients.

    You can bypass this by instead creating multiple Windows Accounts, copying the main jagexchache folder, with JagexLauncher.exe to the new windows account, copying the .jagex_cache_32 folder with browsercontrol.dll in it, and running the exe as that user.

    You can use the runAs command to do so, for example:
    Code (Text):
    1. runas /env /user:DOMAIN\USER "C:\Users\USER\jagexcache\jagexlauncher\bin\JagexLauncher.exe runescape"
    replace DOMAIN with your computer name and USER as the user you want to run it as.

    It should load the client, repeat for however many clients you want to load.

    Issue is, RuneMate doesn't recognize the clients:


    I've tried running RM as admin via command prompt, but still nothing.

    Could we have a 'Entire PID to Hook' feature? For these kind of hacky workarounds due to RuneScape-related bugs and issues.
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  2. To explain the issue better, OP is trying to run a bot instance on a RuneScape client running under a different user than the one used to run RuneMate. Technically we should have operating system privileges to hook into other users' processes when run as admin. Is there a change we can make to the native hook to detect these processes @Cloud? I believe we can already do this on Linux because of the shell based approach we're using for it, but not on Windows.

    That being said, this is an extremely low priority feature request partially due to the requester being a horrible human being. If someone with a better attitude were to request this I would consider bumping up the priority, but even then only marginally.
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    In the meantime OP can run a second RuneMate application under the same user they are using to run the extra RuneScape clients. The clients should show up when creating an instance that way.
  3. It works, but sadly you can only run one instance. So it renders the entire workaround, useless.

    EDIT: You can only have one instance of RuneMate.exe running, works fine with standalone.
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  4. You'll be able to run multiple RuneMate.exe's starting from the next build. You can already run as many as you want using the standalone or the embedded jar from the installer.
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