RS3 EOC or Legacy

Discussion in 'RS3' started by moneyblades, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. Hey, I haven't really used EOC very much and I tend to play mostly in legacy even though I now know how to use the EOC but I was curious which is better to train combat? I usually use legacy but I know a lot of people use EOC so if you could help with some specifics that'd be great! Thanks!
  2. depends on the monster ur fighting but in most cases eoc is better to train with

    when i fight chaos dwarves i can 1hit them with legacy but theyre hard to 1hit with eoc so i use legacy there
  3. Use Legacy if you wish to keep your sanity.
  4. haha I usually do, but I was wondering more specifically which is better to bot with to train, need to get a few accounts to ~70-80 for something
  5. If I recall correctly, Legacy is better for killing easy monsters, and the other shit is better for killing stronger monsters.
  6. Depends on the bot, if it handles abilities well, go with EOC as it is basically always faster experience.

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