EpicBot Coza.exe Virus file

Discussion in 'General' started by Magixdragon, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Yeah so I tried downloading epicbot last night, I was going to bot my noob accounts,
    If you have downloaded epicbot, your subject to a Coza.exe VIRUS FILE.
    The installation where you choose the custom installation and decline all the extra stuff, it still downloads ----
    cytiweb, and webzoom, these are very stupid files that will cause your computer to become inactive.
    if you have downloaded epicbot, and you have any new add ons popping up in your web browser, or if your computer is being very unresponsive, you most likely have a COZA.exe file.
    If you need any help with it, just get ahold of me in the chatbox and I will teamview with you to get rid of these files FOR FREE.
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  2. they have adware in their installation process
  3. EPICBOT is really really bad ATM and they once hacked my hacked and stole a few Mills. I dont trust the.

    And yea the add ons are malware so be careful with that
  4. You can also download Malwarebytes for free to get rid of them. :)

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