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  1. [​IMG] EvilCabbage's Perfect Agility Guide [​IMG]

    Hello there, thank you for reading my guide to 99 Agility.

    Table Of Content:

    1. What is Agility?
    2. Training Agility
    3. Useful items

    1. What is Agility?
    Agility is required to use the many shortcuts spread throughout RuneScape. These shortcuts are extremely useful for lots of activities such as questing, skilling, Slayer and just general traveling in Gielinor. It is also worth mentioning that the higher your Agility level, the faster your run-energy restores.
    More info about Agility can be found here: Agility

    2. Training Agility
    When doing Agility you should make sure your character as light as possible, so bank all that heavy armor. You can boost your Agility level with 5 if you eat a Summer pie. You might need food on some courses.

    [​IMG]1-35 Agility (8,000 exp/hour)
    Train level 1 to 35 Agility on the Gnome Stronghold Course. No food required for this step.
    Where: South-east of the Grand Tree
    Requirements: None

    [​IMG]35-52 Agility (14,000 exp/hour)
    Tired of those annoying green midgets? Let's surround use with some real men at the Barbarian Agility Course.
    Where: Barbarian Outpost
    Requirements: Bar Crawl Miniquest

    [​IMG]52-75 Agility (44,000 exp/hour)
    Time to visit the Wilderness; time for the Wilderness Agility Course. Bank in the Mage's bank for food. (YOU WILL NEED FOOD!)
    Where: West of Mage's Bank, deep in the Wilderness
    Requirements: None, but watch out for pkers

    [​IMG]75-85 Agility (50,000 exp/hour)
    Back to a safer area! The Ape Atoll Agility Course. Grab your monkey-suit and start running.
    Where: Ape Atoll
    Requirements: Monkey Madness and a Ninja Monkey Greegree

    [​IMG]85-90 Agility (63,000 exp/hour)
    Time to do the extended version of the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.
    Where: South-east of the Grand Tree
    Requirements: None

    [​IMG]90-99 Agility (67,000 exp/hour)
    Last stage! Extended Barbarian Agility Course. Let's do this.
    Where: Barbarian Outpost
    Requirements: Bar Crawl Miniquest

    [​IMG]77-99 Agility (90,000 exp/hour)
    If you have access to Prifddinas - which requires the Plague's End quest - it is highly recommended to use the Hefin Agility Course from level 77 all the way to 99. This because the Hefin Course makes you a small amount of money and because it is currently the fastest experience in the game with a maximum of close to 100k experience an hour if the Voice of Seren if active in the Hefin Area.

    3. Agility Items
    There are quite some items that will make your Agility training much faster. They are listed below.
    [​IMG]Boots Of lightness
    Requirements: None
    [​IMG]Spottier cape
    Requirements: 66 Hunter
    [​IMG][​IMG]Agile armor
    Requirements: 90 Agility for the top and 85 Agility for the legs, 35 Defence.
    (Greater) Surefooted aura
    Requirements: 5,000/17,000 Loyalty Points
    Silverhawk boots
    Requirements: None
    [​IMG] Penance horn
    Requirements: Ability to play Barbarian Assault
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  2. Very straight to the point, but 100% accurate. Great stuff man!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Love the guides! If only you would recommend a good script bot for the skill to get me 99, That would be amazing!
  5. HaxAgility seems to support a lot.

    Don't forget that since Prifddinas we also have the Hefin course, which is not covered in my guide.
  6. Made a few changes, let me know if that's what you're looking for.
  7. That's fine, except for you didn't update it to support Hefin course, which is the best available atm. But yeah, if you feel limited in any way by my current setup of scripts bots then feel free to do complete overhauls - my guide setup is horrible tbh since usually nobody cares about what items to use etc.
  8. The greater surefooted aura gives the ability to not fail any obstacle for 40 mins and only has a 2 hr recharge

    That's how I legitted 1-75 agility, by doing short & consistent spurts.
  9. read that as squirts.
  10. Yeah, the guide is outdated. It also doesn't mention the Hefin course in Prifddinas. Thanks for the tip, though.
  11. The Jack of Trades aura really helps it too. Anyways Excellent guide! HaxAgility is really good for this too (y)
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  12. Thank you!

    Remember that this guide is outdated and that Hefin course is now best exp in the game.
  13. This guide has been rewritten and is now again 100% up to date as of 3 jan 2015
  14. What about robes cape and wicked hood from Runespan they reduce weight?
  15. This is presented nicely, with simple instructions and guidelines for leveling what I personally find to be the most tedious/hard skill to max. Thank you for this great submission.
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  16. @EvilCabbage show the ability to afk Hefin Agility by clicking in one spot.
  17. Got a pic for me? :D
  18. You're gonna have to maybe rotate the camera a bit but its in the correct general area.
    Make sure the mouse is on last step of the platform. (Going up)

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  19. Thanks! I did it wrong for so many levels then! lol
  20. Why aren't you dead yet?

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