RS3 EvilCabbage's Perfect 1-99 Cooking Guide

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  1. [​IMG] EvilCabbage's Perfect Cooking Guide [​IMG]

    Hello there, welcome to my guide to 99 Cooking :)

    Table Of Content:
    1. What is Cooking?
    2. Why choose Cooking?
    3. 1-99
    4. Cooking tools
    5. Tips and tricks

    1. What Is Cooking?
    The Cooking skill is used to cook raw foods obtained from the Fishing skill. Raw food is used to heal a player its Hitpoints (Lifepoints). With Cooking you can cook a huge amount of different sorts of food such as fishes, pizzas, pies and stuff like that.
    More info about Cooking can be found here: Cooking

    2. Why choose Cooking?

    Why choose Cooking to be your next Skillcape? It's one of the fast, if not the fastest 99's you can get in the game, and all you have to do to train this skill is buy/catch raw recources and cook then on a range that , the recources you make with this skill are always on high demand and therefor the skill is quite profitable.

    3. 1-99

    To train Cooking, it's best to look for a spot that is close to a bank and to a range/fire. The best spot for members is Rouges' Den. Please note that after completing Family Crest you can use Cooking Gauntlets. These gauntlets allow you to stop burning food on a lower level than the level you normally stop burning that food on.
    To find out at what level you stop burning food, check out this page: Cooking/Burn level

    [​IMG] 1-5 Cooking
    For level 1 to 5, you're going to cook some Shrimps.

    [​IMG] 5-20 Cooking
    Done with those Shrimps? Time to move on and cook some Herring.

    [​IMG] 20-30 Cooking
    Fishes are getting bigger as you are leveling in Cooking. Let's try some Trout shall we?

    [​IMG] 30-68 Cooking
    It's Time to Cook some Tuna now. You stop burning Tuna at level 63 if you wear Cooking Gauntlets.

    [​IMG] 68-90 Cooking
    It's Lobster time! You stop burning Lobsters at level 68 when wearing your Cooking Gauntlets, so you wont burn any when wearing them!

    [​IMG] 90-94 Cooking
    Good job on cooking those Lobsters! We're now moving on to Monkfish. You stop burning Monkfishes at level 90 when wearing your Cooking Gauntlets, so wear them to not burn anything!

    [​IMG] 94-95 Cooking
    Sharks are next on the list, so start cooking those bad boys! You stop burning Sharks at level 90 when wearing your Gauntlets, so start wearing them!

    [​IMG] 95-99 Cooking
    Woooo! We're almost done. All we got left are some Rocktails. You stop burning those at level 95, so again, you won't burn anything.

    5. Cooking tools.

    There aren't a lot of tools for this skill, as for cooking, all you need is a raw piece of food and a furnace or a fire.[​IMG] Cooking Gauntlets
    Level required: 1.
    Quest: Family Crest.

    6. Tips and tricks

    Training Cooking can be very boring, and it requires alot of waiting. You can watch TV Shows or movies while Cooking. Listening to music is always an advice to keep you motivated.
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  2. can I link this Guide and your other ones on my Guide for newcomers to Runemate?
  3. Sure but these wont be updated and could very easily be out of date.
  4. Ok, well I will use them for now until I can create or modify these to be more up to date.
  5. are the thread updated? since it was maded 2014 sep? :)
  6. Not updated, but it is still accurate.
  7. Its not perfect, I bought 1 million shrimp because the guide didn't tell me how many to cook :( Now I am trying to make up my losses with only getting 12 cooking off them and selling 999,800 burnt shrimp :(

    Also go in detail about profitability and such
  8. You are purrrfect

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