RS3 EvilCabbage's Perfect 1-99 Crafting Guide

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  1. [​IMG] EvilCabbage's Perfect 1-99 Crafting Guide [​IMG]

    Hello there, thank you for reading my guide to 99 Crafting.

    Table Of Content:

    1. What Is Crafting?
    2. Training Crafting
    3. Crafting Tools

    1. What Is Crafting?

    Crafting is a varied and useful skill which enables players to produce items such as jewelry, armor and pottery for use or trade.
    More info about Crafting can be found here: Crafting

    2. Training Crafting

    Start off at the Crafting Shop in Al Kharid, but some needles and a quite some thread. Head to the Grand Exchange to buy the raw items you need. Feel free to obtain and or tan hides yourself to cut the costs.

    [​IMG] 1-28 Crafting
    For 1-28 you just have to turn Soft Leather into the best armor you can make out of it. Start of with making Leather Gloves, when you hit level 7 move on to Leather Boots, etc.. You need a needle and some thread for this. Alternatively you can start turning Flax into Bowstrings at level 1.

    [​IMG] 28-57 Crafting
    Damn, you're such a boss with your level 28 Crafting! Anyways, buy some Hard Leather and start making Hard Leather Bodies. You need a Needle and Thread for this.

    [​IMG] 57-63 Crafting
    Okay, time for some Green Vambraces now. Like usually with turning Hides into armor; you need a Needle and Thread. If you want to cut the costs turn Green Dragon-hides into Green Leather yourself. (You don't get exp for Tanning the hides yourself)

    [​IMG] 63-64 Crafting
    For the next step you make Green dragon-hide Bodies till 64. If you want to cut the costs you can tan the the Hides yourself as this part can be quite expensive. You need a Needle and lots of Thread.

    [​IMG] 64-99 Crafting
    For the final step make Green dragon-hide shields till 99. If you want to cut the costs you can tan the the Hides yourself as this part can be quite expensive. You need a Needle and lots of Thread.

    5. Crafting Tools needed
    [​IMG]Needle (can be stored in the Tool belt)
    [​IMG]Thread (a lot)

    6. Tips and Tricks

    Crafting is an afk-able waiting Skill. Movies, TV and music will help you keep you motivated. You can use Sacred clay needles to cut the costs in half if using the fast method. Sacred clay needles are obtained from the Stealing Creation mini-game.
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  2. Looking forward to see some more 1-99 guides :) very well explained
  3. Thanks for this, doing 69-80 with green bodies, wish me luck!
  4. Goodluck! The guide is kind of outdated though, if you have access to Prifddinas you can get 55k exp an hour for no cost at all while playing the Harps
  5. what explain please?

    Would be good if we actually had a working crafting script bot...
  6. I think what you want to know is explained here. And if you want a Crafting script bot, request one if someone hasn't yet!
  7. We have two, no one updates them.
  8. If only i knew how to make them.I could try and make basic stuff
  9. I'm sure there's tons of people who are willing to help you start scripting! If you're interested, ask @Aidden to add you to a group chat with RuneMate developers.

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