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  1. [​IMG] EvilCabbage's Perfect Fletching Guide [​IMG]

    Hello and welcome to my Fletching guide. Fletching was my very first skill to get to 99. I hope you all enjoy this guide and I wish you the best of luck with obtaining 99 Fletching!

    Table Of Content:
    1. What is Fletching?
    2. Why choose Fletching?
    3. 1-99
    4. Fletching tools
    5. Tips and tricks

    1. What Is Fletching?
    Fletching is basically turning logs obtained from Woodcutting into bows, crossbows and bolts which can be used for the Ranged skill. The unstrung bows, bows with no bow sting attached yet, have a high High Alchemy value, which is why people often use them to train Magic using the High Alchemy Spell.
    More info about Fletching can be found here: Fletching

    2. Why Choose Fletching?
    Why choose Fletching to be your next skillcape? It's one of the fast, if not the fastest 99's you can get in the game - around 140,000 people in RuneScape have the Fletching skillcape. On top of that, on higher levels, it can give some good profit. If you follow the steps in this guide correctly you will make roughly 15m.

    3. 1-99
    For Fletching, all you need is a Knife. The Knife can be added to your Toolbelt, which will save you an extra inventory spot. It is not possible to remove your knife from the toolbelt after adding it. I advise you to just buy the logs, as cutting them takes far too long in my opinion.

    [​IMG] 1-10 Fletching
    For level 1 to 10 you have to make Arrow Shaft from normal logs. Normal trees are located everywhere in RuneScape, but ofcourse you can also buy them at the Grand Exchange.

    [​IMG] 10-25 Fletching
    Next step is to fletch Normal shieldbows, you need normal logs to make these.

    [​IMG]25-40 Fletching
    Now it's time to make Oak Shieldbows. As the name hints, you need Oak logs for this.

    [​IMG] 40-55 Fletching
    Time to move on to Willow Longbows.

    [​IMG] 55-70 Fletching
    Were almost at the last stage, but first have to fletch a bunch of Maple Shieldbows.

    [​IMG] 70-99 Fletching
    W00t, you've reached the last part! Too bad it's also the one that takes the longest. You now have to fletch a load of Yew logs into shieldbows. Alternatively, you can string your longbows too for some variation, but that doesn't win any time as it gives the same amount of exp as fletching it. It is not advised to do Magic Shieldbows at level 85 as it kills your profit. However, it's slightly faster.

    5. Fletching Tools
    You don't need a lot of tools for Fletching, all you need is a knife and some money and you're ready to go.
    As stated above, you can also string your Yew bows to bring in some variation.
    [​IMG] Knife
    Level required: 1
    [​IMG] Bow String
    Level required: 5

    6. Tips and tricks
    Training can be very boring, and it requires a lot of waiting. You can watch TV Shows or movies while Fletching. Listening to music is always an advice to keep you motivated.

    Can't sell your bows in The Grand Exchange? The bows and Arrow Shaft you make in the earlier stages are considered junk, and therefor dont sell quickly in the grand exchange. However you can sell them to a General Store for a fair amount.
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  2. Hey Cabbage, i've recently got back into runescape with the help of runemate (lol) but i was just wondering is this guide still good for current eoc?
  3. For current EOC I would suggest you just get 55 with this guide and then continue doing maples to 99. That's about 100k exp an hour without loss.
  4. Awesome thanks for your response, runescape is very confusing it's nothing like i remember it some old fashioned ways of training are ineffective now.
  5. I recommend making mith or addy darts as you get 3m xp per hour. You can get to 99 in a matter of under 5 hours just doing this method.
  6. How much would that cost to 99?
  7. I don't know the price now but I did mithrils and it only costed me 12m for 120k mith dart tips. Then made darts and sold them all for 8m. Very little loss in profit and totes worth.
  8. Interesting. Thanks!

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