RS3 EvilCabbage's Perfect 1-99 Magic Guide

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  1. [​IMG] EvilCabbage's Perfect Magic Guide [​IMG]

    Hello and welcome to my guide on ob.

    Table Of Content:

    1. What Is Magic?
    2. Why Choose Magic?
    3. 1-99
    4. Magic Tools
    5. Tips and Tricks

    1. What Is Magic?

    Magic is a skill that is used to cast a large range of different spells using the power of runes obtained from Runecrafting. In combat Magic is used to be able to hit your opponent from a distance. Outside of combat Magic is used for a large range of tasks such as teleporting, enchanting jewelry, converting items into coins and even healing other players or draining their stats.
    More info about Magic can be found here: Magic

    2. Why Choose Magic?

    Why choose Magic to be your next skillcape? Magic is a useful skill, the spells are really useful in combat and can give you a great advantage over your opponent. Also using the teleport spells Magic has to offer can save you hours and hour of walking.

    3. 1-99

    Stock up on some runes and a bunch of staffs. We're going to train Magic! Remember that the colour of the staff indicates the runes it uses and that staffs provide an infinite stock of that rune. This can save millions in the end.
    More info about the Standard Spellbook can be found here: Standard Spellbook

    [​IMG] 1-11 Magic
    For level 1 to 11 you have to cast the Wind Strike spell. You can use this spell on low leveled monsters. If using a Staff of Air, you will only need mind runes - which are insanely cheap - to cast this spell.
    Good monsters to cast this spell on:
    - Ducks in Lumbridge
    - Goblins in Lumbridge
    - Men in Edgeville house

    [​IMG]11-19 Magic
    Now it's time to move on to the Weaken spell. Keep casting these on the monsters listed above. Seeing you still get EXP when this spell splashes it's advised to wear metal armor to lower your Magic Attack bonus to -55 to make sure you will keep splashing. Also it's a good idea to trap your monster so that it won't damage you.

    [​IMG]19-37 Magic
    Moving on to Curse. Make sure you have your monster trapped and you have your Magic Attack at -55.

    [​IMG]37-43 Magic
    From now on we'll do some Teleports. Keep on teleporting to Falador till you hit 43 Magic.

    [​IMG]43-99 Magic
    Now it's time to Superheat. Just smelt the best bars you can smelt, or if those aren't fast enough for you, make Steel Bars. You can do this to 99 and gain some nice smithing exp. Alternatively you can Superheat to level 55 and use the High Alchemy spell to 99. High Level Alchemy is faster but expensive while Superheating makes you money.
    To find out smelting what bars make you the most profit, check out this page: Magic/Superheat calculator

    5. Magic tools

    There is a lot of Magic equipment such as staffs and armor. In this guide we use:
    [​IMG] Staff of Air
    Level required: 1
    [​IMG]Staff of Fire
    Level required: 1
    [​IMG]Mud Staff
    Level required: 30 Magic and 30 Attack

    6. Tips and tricks

    Training can be very boring, and it requires lot of clicking so you can't really AFK it. There is however a minigame that lets you train Magic at a decent EXP rate and it also trains other skills and allows you to unlock other spells. This minigame is:Livid Farm: Livid Farm
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  2. Training magic with combat is much faster than using the High Level Alchemy method.
  3. This was written before the release of EoC you little gravedigger :*
  4. Damn dude you're slackin'
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  5. 1-99 magic in combat is faster :p yet this method is more bottable :p
  6. It's extremely outdated, don't pay attention to this.

    I 100% advise superheating 99 magic though because of the Smithing experience.
  7. true :p if i am correct, 1-99 using superheat, will give almost 80 smith if i am correct :p
  8. If starting from 1, yes indeed.

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