[Executive] The Hour Challenge - Win an hour of my time!

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  1. Hi bros. I was really inspired by @Light Yagami's competition and wanted to do something similar. I will donate one hour of my time to the winner of this competition. In this hour you can ask me to do anything you desire (within reason and feasibility - PG please), such as writing a private bot, working on a new RuneMate feature, or knitting you a mitten. All I ask for in return is that the winner take the Hour Challenge and offer a similar competition to the members of this fabulous community.

    Just reply with a message including "GIMME" and you'll be entered to win. I will be using http://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/ for its awesome 1990s animation and audio to select a winner at random. I will close the competition once there are at least 20 people competing. Good luck and I'm excited to see what you guys have me do!
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  2. GIMME
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  3. Thank You, I would love to be a part of this
  4. GIMME sum

    Dis gon be gud
  5. GIMME

    full dungeoneering bot should only take ~1hr right? seems about right to me...
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  7. Dont tempt me boi
  8. GIMME mod pretty pls

    Or gimme an insomniac-emoji
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  9. C'est un pi├Ęge
  10. Shameless bump for attention.
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