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    The framework for our web walking has been undergoing quite a bit of expansion lately. Our framework fully supports all types of objects, npcs, and teleports. We also provide simple vertex types that are sufficient for the vast majority of situations (BasicObjectVertex, BasicItemTeleportVertex, etc). For when interaction is more complex (involving interfaces and such), we have made it easy to write custom vertex types that can handle these types of situations. We even allow you the ability to pass in conditions that dictate the usability of each vertex (for level, quest, members only requirements and anything else you can come up with).

    Unfortunately, even though we have a nice framework our dataset is lacking in a lot of ways. What I would like from you guys is a list of teleports, objects, and areas that should be implemented with a high priority. For a teleport or object to be considered high priority, they must provide access to a large and useful area that is otherwise inaccessible, or save a considerable amount of time.

    Please submit your data in the following format.
    Code (Text):
    2. Teleports
    3. Name:
    4. Action:
    5. Destination: new Coordinate (x,y,z)
    6. Requirements:
    7. Complexity (One click?):
    8. Why is it a high priority?:
    10. Objects
    11. Name:
    12. Action:
    13. Position: new Coordinate(x,y,z)
    14. Requirements:
    15. Complexity:
    16. Why is it a high priority?
    18. Areas
    19. Screenshot:
    20. Why is it a high priority?
    Please also remember to state which game type you're talking about so the changes can be made to the appropriate dataset(s).
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    I could still use this type of information, specifically information on teleports but objects could also be very helpful.

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