Request Experience tracker built-in to RuneMate

Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Salvation, May 5, 2016.

  1. The idea is basically the same as RSBuddy, as soon as experience is gained in a skill, it will be displayed.
    Since almost all bots gain experience, it does not make sense to add individual trackers to see bot, a single well-optimized tracker would be much better.

    This would then be visible in Spectre, allowing the bot authors to focus on the bots instead of the visuals. This would save us some time, which allows us to make our bots perform better.
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  2. But what if we want to display more info like profit or items/hour?
  3. It's not like it's difficult to create your own nice looking exp and item tracker, but I guess it would save bot authors a little bit of time, and also allow new authors to be able to track and display exp and items without the need to know how to make their own.
    On the flip-side though, I feel like writing an exp tracker is a nice exercise for learning bot authors :/
  4. Then you should be able to extend its view.
  5. Just slap it in a vbox and allow authors to add to the vbox :^)
  6. You could just make a private API for it though. Make it once, use it forever.
  7. Yeah for sure, I already do :p
  8. Not sure about that. It's a nice idea for beginners, but I like having the option to customize it to fit the rest of my interface.
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